Mission and objectives

Carry out Research activities with the aim of creating sustainable and profitable production, protecting the environment and building good agricultural practices that meet European standards.


The Institute of Forage Crops – Pleven, with a well-prepared scientific personnel potential and management structure, plays a remarkable role
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Expert activity and innovation

Expert activity, innovation and transfer of scientific achievements in practice and business The expert potential of the Institute of Forage


The Institute of Forage Crops – Pleven has program accreditation for the training of doctoral students in three doctoral programs
Forage Crops




The Institute of Forage Crops – Pleven was established in 1954

by Decree No. 4903 of December 24 of the Council of Ministers as the Central Research Institute for Forages, with headquarters in Pleven, for complex scientific and scientific-applied research in the field of forage production.

Institute of Forage Crops – Pleven is a scientific organization for fundamental scientific research, scientific-applied, innovative, educational, service and auxiliary activities in the field of forage production. The academic staff contributes to the development of highly productive, efficient and sustainable agriculture, competitive on the world market.


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