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REGULATIONS for the implementation of the Law on the Development of the Academic Staff in the Republic of Bulgaria
Regulations of the Agricultural Academy
Regulations for the development of the academic staff at the Agricultural Academy
Regulations for holding competitions for directors of structural units - scientific institutes in the Academy of Agriculture;
Internal rules for submitting results of the scientific activity of the Academy of Agriculture for publication in the Bulgarian portal for open science
Code of Ethics of scientists from the Agricultural Acad
Regulations for the organization and activities of the Institute of Forage Crops – Pleven
System for evaluating the quality of training of doctoral students (SOKOD)
Qualification characteristics for doctoral programs "Selection and seed production of cultivated plants", "Plant breeding" and "Plant protection"
Regulations for the work of scientific councils at the Academy of Agriculture
Code of ethics for scientists and personnel of the Institute of Forage Crops - Pleven
Regulations and procedures for the prevention and sanctioning of examination fraud and plagiarism in the admission and training of doctoral students at the Institute of Forage Crops, Pleven
Plan for Gender Equality in the Agricultural Academy