The mission of the Institute of Forage Crops – Pleven is to carry out Research activities with the aim of creating sustainable and profitable production, protecting the environment and building good agricultural practices that meet European standards. The economic and ecological approach is the guiding principle in research, with a view to increasing the quality and lowering the cost of produced fodder and seeds, as well as preserving and increasing soil fertility. All this is achieved thanks to established traditions for conducting scientific discussions, seminars and congresses, and equal cooperation, expressed in the exchange of scientific personnel and the implementation of joint scientific projects with scientists from Belgium, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, China, Turkey, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia and other countries.

Scientists from the Institute maintain fruitful scientific contacts with colleagues from other institutes of the Agricultural Academy (AA), the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), with universities and higher schools in the field of agriculture in our country.

The institute is the only one in the country that works with the whole range of forage crops and especially grass-forage species that are used to create artificial grasslands or to improve natural meadows and pastures. This complex research activity is the basis of the subject of the state task with a permanent deadline